The W2E2 Program was launched in May 2014 in 5 locations of India namely Tura in Meghalaya, Ranchi in Jharkhand, Chanderi & Shivpuri in Madhya Pradesh and Baran in Rajasthan.
The location-wise details can be found below.

Statistical Demography in 2014-15



Total Population: 4235

Total no. of households: 868

Total no. of women ICT trainees: 10



Located in Ashok Nagar district of Madhya Pradesh state, there is already wireless Internet available covering more than 5 kilometers of radius including most populated areas of Chanderi. Since Chanderi is known for its traditional skill of weaving and there are many micro-entrepreneurs there who are struggling to reach market and take advantage of Internet to outreach, W2E2 easily caters to them and builds a network of 10 Wireless Women Entrepreneurs for Empowerment and has a multiplier effect on the usage of Internet and entrepreneurship.

Location: Ashok Nagar district, Madhya Pradesh
Total Population: 32,300
Total no. of households: 5900
Total no. of women ICT trainees: 10

Even though Ranchi is the capital of the tribal state of Jharkhand, within just outside 3-5 kilometers of the town, there is abject poverty and under-development. Considering that women in the tribal communities are proactive and open to taking work and responsibility, 10 Wireless Women Entrepreneurs for Empowerment was a perfect introduction for creating the culture of entrepreneurship and also to provide network driven Internet and broadband-based digital services.

Location: Jharkhand
Total Population: 2912022
Total no. of households: 112596
Total no. of women ICT trainees: 10

Shivpuri in Madhya Pradesh is also a tribal state, but here Bheels and Sahariya tribes mostly dominate the communities. And they are totally illiterate and nomadic. Some of the communities however live on government lands and scrape out their living on a day-to-day basis. Identifying, training and capacity building of 10 young Women Entrepreneurs for Empowerment created a chain of entrepreneurship with digital inclusion.

Location: Madhya Pradesh
Total Population: ___
Total no. of households: ___
Total no. of women ICT trainees: 10

There is a center managed by DEF at Tura and it also has wireless Internet provision serving the tribal minorities of West Garo Hills through various centralized activities like vocational courses, digital literacy, ICT enablement of NGOs and also capacity building of many micro enterprise groups in addition to few schools and its ICT labs. In order to meet the demand from the tribal youth population, establishing 10 Wireless Women Entrepreneurs for Empowerment was ideal for generating enough entrepreneurial services to make the 10 centers sustainable.

Location: West Garo Hills, Meghalaya
Total Population: 58,978
Total no. of households: ___
Total no. of women ICT trainees: 10